Parent Portal

The Transylvania County Public School System is pleased to offer PowerSchool's Parent Portal as a service to the parents of our students. The portal provides access to their children's academic records through a secure internet connection. We believe the Parent Portal will enhance communication and support education.

If you have completed a valid Parent Portal Agreement, then click the link below to access the portal.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

If do not already have an account but would like to access the portal, then please contact your child's school about completing the Parent portal Agreement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PowerSchool?
PowerSchool is the student information system that Transylvania County Public Schools uses to manage information such as grades, attendance, and demographics.

What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a feature of the PowerSchool Student Information System that provides parents/guardians immediate access to grades, assignments, and attendance records in an effort to facilitate and improve communication between home and school.

Is there a cost associated with the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
No. The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a free service.

What can I see on PowerSchool Parent Portal site?
Parents can access grades and attendance for current classes, teacher comments, and various reports via email.

Can other people see my son's/daughter's grades?
No. As long as you protect your username and password, others will not be able to see your child's information.

What do I do if I forgot my login information?
From the login screen click the "Having trouble signing in?" link. Next, follow the directions to retrieve a forgotten username or password.

Can I change my password?
Yes, from within the Parent Portal click Account Preferences, then click the paper & pencil icon next to your current password. You will then be prompted to enter a new password.

I am not getting e-mails from PowerSchool Parent Portal. How come?
There could be multiple reasons for this:


  1. Did you sign-up for E-mail Notifications on the E-mail Notifications page? Please double-check the e-mail address you entered because if one character (letter/number/space) is off, you won't receive e-mails.

  2. Did you check your email's BULK or SPAM folder? Check to see if the messages are going there and choose to mark them as NOT SPAM. You will have to consult your email's help menu or manual to learn how to do this as it is different for every email program.

My e-mail is not working when I click on the name of a teacher to send them a message. What am I doing wrong?
If you use a web-based email program such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, then your browser may not automatically log you into your e-mail to send this message. If you mouse over the name of the teacher you want to e-mail, look in the lower-left section of your screen and you will see their e-mail address. You can then manually enter this address in your email system to send a message.

Can I print what I see?
Yes, use the print icon at the upper right of most pages.

Do I need to logout of PowerSchool Parent Portal?

Yes, when you are finished, please logout or shut down your computer. This way no one will be able to access your child's private information.


Do all teachers post grade and attendance information to the PowerSchool Parent Portal server?
Teachers of grades 3-12 post both grades and attendance to the Parent Portal. Teachers of grades K-2 only post attendance to the Parent portal. The grades within the Parent Portal are a "snapshot in time" and are not necessarily an accurate reflection of the student's overall progress or performance. Similarly, the student's grade average may change depending on the weight or value of graded work.

I know that teachers sometimes weight different categories of grades. How does this affect how a grade is calculated?
Each teacher has his or her own grading system. Some teachers calculate grades by total points while others weight the grades according to assignment categories (homework, quizzes, tests, etc.). To understand a specific grade calculation, please contact the teacher.

How often can we expect attendance to be updated?
Attendance is updated daily. Unexcused absences may take a few extra days to be updated (changed to "excused") depending on the number of absences, promptness of the parent excuse note, and/or day of the week.

Why are the grades changing dramatically in the beginning of a term?

At the beginning of each term, you may see zeros or wild shifts in the class average of your child. When there are only one or two assignments in the gradebook, a low or high score can make a dramatic change in the overall grade average. The gradebook instantly recalculates the overall grade as every assignment is entered.


When can I access the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
The PowerSchool Parent Portal will be available to registered parent(s)/guardian(s) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is this system secure?
Yes, the PowerSchool Parent Portal utilizes SSL encryption to protect all data that is processed through the system.

Who may access the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
Parent(s)/guardian(s) who have completed a valid Parent Portal Agreement may access the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The Parent Portal Agreement is available from your child's school and must be completed and signed in the presence of a school official in order to be considered valid. This process is necessary for the protection of your child's data.

Can I access the PowerSchool Parent Portal from anywhere?
Yes, you can access the PowerSchool Parent Portal from any computer with Internet access.

I have multiple children in the district. Can I have access to all their accounts under just one username and password?
Yes, however, you will need to complete a Parent Portal Agreement for each school that your children attend.

My husband/wife and I are separated/divorced; can we get another parent username and password for our child's account?
Yes, multiple parent accounts can exist for an individual student. Each parent that wishes to have an account must complete the Parent Portal Agreement.

Do I need a new username and password each year if my child is returning?
No, all login information will remain active as long as your child is a student at that school.