8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip

8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip
Posted on 03/17/2023
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 2022-2023 BMS 8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip

Parent Contract/Payment Info

*Contact Mrs. Muse with questions: [email protected] 


Date of Trip: March 23-25, 2023


  • Any days of OSS (out of school suspension)
  • On the second assignment of ISS for behavior (in school suspension)
  • An excess of 10 or more unexcused absences
  • Principal’s discretion
Depending on the date, refunds may not be possible.

COST OF THE TRIP FOR 2022-2023 IS $400.00.

Payment Schedule

• $100.00 per person is due on Oct. 3, 2022

• $100.00 per person is due on Nov. 2, 2022

• $100.00 per person is due on Dec. 1, 2022

• $100.00 per person is due on Feb. 1, 2023



Cancellation Policies: ($100.00 DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE)

• Should an individual cancel or become ineligible before Dec. 15, 2022 a full refund will be issued minus $100.00 deposit.

• Should an individual cancel or become ineligible after Dec. 15, 2022 no refund can be issued.


At this time, we have all the chaperone slots filled with BMS staff members, but should we need more before the trip we will be happy to let you know.  There will be one adult chaperone for every 10 students. Students are kept with their friends as much as possible.  If your child intentionally leaves their assigned group and chaperone for any reason while at a venue, they will be sent home. There are some venues, however, where students are allowed to tour on their own.  Our rule is that nobody's ever by themselves at any time, like the Smithsonian Museums, for example, and that they be prompt at all check-in times. Your child is visiting our nation’s capital.  They are not only representing themselves but you, your family, our school, our community, and teenagers in general. Please speak with them about respectful behavior, language, and attire.


If your child requires daily medication, put it in a Ziploc bag with your child’s name and dosage instructions with a note at the bottom giving BMS staff permission to administer. Please only send the amount of medication that your child will need for the trip and not the whole bottle/package.

If your child does not require prescription medication, but you would like to send over the counter medication as needed for headaches, allergies, etc. please follow the same instructions as above.  

Your child will be assigned a group and chaperone closer to the trip. This chaperone will be in charge of any medication for their group.


We will be staying in a hotel that offers “suites” - meaning there are two double beds, plus a pull-out couch

We will be using Young’s Transportation for our coach buses/drivers.

Males and females will be on separate floors in the hotel.  The opposite sex is not allowed on the other hotel floors at any time. 

While there may be a pool at our hotel, no swimming will be permitted.  

The utmost respect is expected at all times, not only to chaperones but hotel staff and other visitors staying in the hotel as well.

There will be 4-5 students in each room. Students are allowed to choose with whom they room and are expected to figure out their roommate situations before January.  That is when room sign-ups will be.  More than 4-5 students per room is not permitted.  We also ask that should an odd number arise, your student will welcome those peers without disrespect.

On the buses, girls sit on one side and boys sit on the other.  

It is a long ride to D.C. and back, so we ask that your child bring plenty of snacks and drinks to tide them over.  We will be making restroom stops, but are on a tight schedule so vending machines should not be planned upon. 

We will be eating a boxed lunch en route and a fast food dinner on the way home.  All meals are included in the overall price. 


We will be taking coach buses.  Students are allowed to bring their electronics, however those items are the sole responsibility of the student. 

We have asked the tour company to be sure that the wifi is working on each bus. Sometimes, though, things go awry and so we aren’t guaranteed that it will work perfectly the entire trip. Be sure to know what fees/charges your cell provider may charge if there is no wifi available.

Not every venue allows cell phones.  We expect your child to follow their rules and regulations. 

There are TVs/DVD players on each bus.  Your student is welcome to bring an appropriate rated DVD that the whole bus could watch if they would like.

If any student takes/shares/posts inappropriate pictures or videos while on the trip, parents will be notified immediately.  Please speak with your child about this.

Please do not allow your child to pack gaming systems to be played in the hotel room.  

Venues To Be Visited

- Tidal Basin (MLK Memorial, FDR Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial)

- U.S. Capitol Tour

- Library of Congress

- United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

- Ford’s Theater

- National Mall (Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial Wall, WWII

  Memorial, Washington Monument)

- Arlington Cemetery (Observe the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown

  Soldier, Eternal Flame at John F. Kennedy’s Gravesite)

- National Spy Museum

- White House

- Iwo Jima Memorial

- Smithsonian Museum of American History

- Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

- Smithsonian Museum of African-American History

- Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space

Suggested Packing List (Whatever you pack, you carry.)

- 1 suitcase and 1 backpack

- Rain jacket/Umbrella/Poncho

- Good shoes for walking approximately 20 miles

- Jacket/Coat

- Pants/Long sleeves for 3 days

- Short sleeve shirt, just in case

- One Semi-Formal Outfit (SCHOOL DRESS CODE APPLIES)

- Boys: dress pants/slacks/khakis/nice clean jeans with no holes, button up

  shirt with collar/golf shirt, undershirt, tie, belt, dress shoes/nice clean tennis


- Girls: dresses/skirts/blouses/slacks/khakis,dress shoes/nice clean tennis shoes

- Pajamas 

- Toiletries, especially hairbrush/toothbrush/toothpaste/deodorant :-)

- Snacks/Drinks

- Cell phone (optional but strongly recommended)

- Charger!!! 

- Earbuds/Headphones 

- Glasses/Contacts/Solution

- Bus pillow/blanket

- Medication

- Souvenir Money (optional)

Parent Contract

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